ICON Face Of K-pop Charity Donation Details


Thank you! We appreciate everyone who participated in the K-pop Face of 2024 voting campaign.

Congratulations to Park Jimin! As the winner, a generous donation of 700,000 Korean Won (approximately $516 USD) has been made in his honor to sponsor a child in need for a full year. This contribution will go to the reputable charity organization, COMPASSION, to support Vinuska, a child from Sri Lanka.

Vinuska's story: Vinuska, along with her single mother, has faced challenges for years. Thanks to your participation, Vinuska will now receive assistance with education and other essential needs for the entire year. This will significantly improve their lives!

Jimin's Philanthropic Spirit: We believe Park Jimin, known for his dedication to charitable causes, would be proud of this donation made in his honor.

A Collaborative Effort: This initiative wouldn't have been possible without the participation of all nominees, including first runner-up Jeon Jungkook, second runner-up Kim Tae-Hyung, and all finalists.

A Big Thank You: A final thank you to the fans who voted for their favorites and embraced the opportunity to help others through this charity campaign. Together, we made a positive difference!